There’s NO time for THAT

Almost didn’t write this blog today because I….c’mon, say it with me…  “Didn’t have time”!!  I wonder if there’s ever been a time in history where a culture has had less time.   Or, does every generation assume theirs is the one who had the least amount of time or busiest life?  Probably a little bit of both.   I can specifically remember having a thought that I didn’t have time to work out, BK (Before Kids) and how crazy/funny/nutty of a notion that is to me now with two young children and zillion other things going on.

So, what is it about time that we never think we have any?   I will concede that we are 1000% doing more with our time than ever before: in our jobs, our home life and even our free time (I can check twitter, read an article and respond to 3 texts on my phone in about 45 seconds….at a red light L).  But, what can be done when you have to accomplish something new in an already full schedule???

  1. Take small steps

Whether it’s working out, starting a new healthy diet, starting a blog J, reigniting your relationship, or doing more with your kids:  that hardest part is the first step and creating momentum + “how can I fit that in, I’m ALREADY overwhelmed???”

Work out for 10 minutes tomorrow morning, make your next meal super healthy, do something  nice for your partner tonight that’s unexpected, or put your phone in a drawer next time you’re with your kids.   Just do one thing to start and that can build momentum.

  1. Figure out why you are doing it

As a Tony Robbins fan, I know that connecting with your ‘why’ on any new activity is critical to having   enough desire to take that initial step.   If you are an HR person trying to reduce your recruiter fees by 60K-100K / year, why and what could that mean for you personally?  The Dept?  The Company?   Then those 20-35 minutes of sourcing each day seem like a breeze because it’s a path to career growth!

  1. Find a friend

A huge obstacle to making time for improvement is that you’ve tried and failed so many times that it’s routine to start something and not finish it.   Enroll a friend or peer to do this exact thing    with you, whatever it is, and hold each other accountable.

Look, these aren’t groundbreaking ideas, but the point is don’t let time ever be an excuse – you’re worth it, your company is worth and your kids /relationship are certainly worth it!!   Make time your ally and see how much you can accomplish.

Happy Hunting!


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~ 15 year vet of the recruiting industry. Passionate about my family, company and helping people reach their full potential.

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